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Outdoor activities need proactive planning and disciplined execution. They are inherently multidimensional and multiparametric. Thus a successful enduro experience in the mountain need attention and management of the bikes, the weather, the lodging, the GPS and camera, the riders outfit including protection gear, transportation, maps, tools, water, gasoline, refill points identification, and so on.

Apparently the "Enduro Tracks" site is only dealing primarily with one dimension. This is spatial data; in other words details on waypoints and tracks, verified in the field, digitally packaged and documented. All other aspects can be subject of specific inquiry, discussion and generally information exchange. This is why a means of two way communication is occasionally required.


Enduro bikers may enjoy new experiences by using the "Enduro Tracks" data. However this creates an opportunity to further advance the quality of the data. By that we mean to correct or adapt to-date modifications, introduce warnings or advices and add new tracks. All of them can be subject of communication by the site subscribers, using the form at the bottom of this page. Trust that your active participation will add incremental value to the content of this site, which is open to the public.


Using the below contact form you may send us any text message, and optionally attach a data file. Please note that file types supported are kml, gpx and zip. There is a reasonable maximum limit on the file size. By sending data or information, you release them from your ownership, accepting the possibility of being included in the "Enduro Tracks" data base, and hence are available to the public.

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