• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Parnon Mt.
  • Arcadia prefecture, Peloponnese, Greece
  • Megali Tourla, 1,934m alt. @ N37.27815° E22.61323°
  • Vamvakou and Sitena

Parnonas Mt.

...a full day of enjoyment for you!

Parnonas mountain is the second higher mountain of Lakonia, covering all of its Eastern side. It is characterized by its great extent, the particularly rich flora and its relative normality. It is full of with pine, applecedar and oak forests. A lot of natural beauties are also allocated there: gorges, waterfalls, caves and running waters.

Full of beautiful routes and scenic villages, such as: Kastanitsa, Prastos, Sitaina, Platanos, Kosmas, Agios Petros. Parnonas is an ideal mountain for enduro, as well as touring, walking, and mountaineering. Known for its natural is the forest in the Kastanitsa region.

Eastbound of ‘Megali Tourla‘ peak is a trekking refuge that offers a choice of overnight stay. It is part of our proposed enduro ride (ref. below). Lower peaks, such as "Mikri Tourla" are also there to visit. Paved roads lead to all peaks. The Euro-path ‘E4‘ is also traversing Parnonas mountain. Consider Kastanitsa or Agios Petros as a place to start your trip into Parnonas mountain.

The most impressive gorge of Parnonas is Zarmpanitsa, starting near Agios Andreas. The gorge becomes particularly narrow in some points. Small lakes and waterfalls are formed all over the gorge during the season where the snow melts. Crossing the gorge at this time of year becomes an unforgettable experience.

North-Central Parnonas, is a magnificent enduro playground. Our proposed track is starting from the village of Kastanitsa, going approx. 110km, counterclockwise around the "Megali Tourla", the highest peak of Parnonas mountain. There is a bonus of a couple of alternate tracks offered.

Recommended gasoline station to refill is located east of Agios Petros village (ref. waypoint GSagPetros).