• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Vardousia
  • Fokida, Greece
  • Omalia, 1694m alt, at N38.60199 E21.96700
  • Karoutes, Pentagioi, Elatou, Kato Chora

Amfissa via Karoutes and Pentagioi to Kato Chora

OnOff enduro to Fokida and Orini Nafpaktia

How about having a Saturday lunch at Kato Chora, Orini Nafpaktia, and be back to Athens before end of the day?

With an OnOff bike you may enjoy both asphalt road trip, as well as a couple of easy dirty road crossing south Giona and Vardousia mountains. In between the two mountain tracks, you get as a bonus, the nice view of Mornos Lake.

Click on the map icon on the left to view the track, and then download it by clicking on the GoogleEarth™ icon; upload it on your GPS, and go!