• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Gerania and Pateras
  • Western Attica
  • Gerania 1,369m. @ N38.0209 E23.1352
  • Megara, Alepochori

Mount Gerania and Pateras, between the two gulfs

Looking to the Saronic and overseeing Corinthian gulf

Mount Gerania and Pateras are quite accessible mountains, in a proximity to Athens city.  A large extend of the slopes is covered by pine trees. A network of dirt-forest roads is spreading everywhere, with the exception of few steep slopes.

Our enduro track, as attached in GPS digital data in this page, is starting from Inoi, on the old National Road.  After a complete 360° clockwise circle, it returns back to the starting point, allowing loading the bikes back on the trailers, left there in the morning.

The proposed tracks are:

  • TRACK01, going through Mount Pateras.
  • TRACK02, driving towards Alepochori on the Korinthiakos Gulf. You may refill and get a cup of coffee upon the sea.
  • TRACK03, is the track ascending up to Gerania top, where is the telecommunications station.
  • TRACK04 get’s you down to Megara Township, to refill.
  • Last but not least is TRACK05 which will drive you safely, via Mount Mavrovouni, back to Inoi.

Should you are seeking some shortcuts, then look at optional tracks TRACK02A, TRACK03B, which will allow you to skip the Korinthiakos seaside road drive, by shortcutting through the pine forest.