• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Valtou Mt.
  • Aitoloakarnania, Evritania, West Greece
  • Valtou Pk, 1,781m alt at 39.08294 21.31384
  • Vrouviana, Topoliana, Fidakia

Follow Aspropotamos from Tzoumerka to Kremaston Lk.

Crossing rivers and lakes on your way from Tzoumerka to Karpenisi

This is the last part of a trilogy.  Three distinct long distance tracks traversing West Greece from East Zagori, down to Kremaston Lake next near Karpenisi, Evritania.

Vourgareli at Tzoumerka mt. is the starting point of this third track; exactly where the second part "Tzoumerka" ends.

From Vourgareli we started our southbound ride. Shortly we joined the Aspropotamos river which is leading to Kremaston Lake, crossing a beautiful valley and several mountains.

We reached Krematson Lake, at its north west side, at the famous Tatarna bridge. From there we headed east, and crossed the lake via the Episkopi bridge at the southeast side.

Near the southeast side of Episkopi bridge starts a rocky, steep ascending, dirt road which is meeting with asphalt at Fidakia village. It is a real challenge to manage the 260kg of BME R1200GS, with on–off tires. The major hurdle is the overheating of the air–cooled engine. Thankfully the asphalt appeared exactly at the moment that any wise driver would stop the bike, to let the engine cool down.

We had a short visit to Likoi (wolfs) rooms–to–let, next to Fidakia village, and from there we drove swiftly to meet the main road linking Agrinio with Karpenisi. Eventually met with the rest of the team (who had followed the asphalt road) at Bagasaki tavern, for a tempting team lunch.

And with that we reached the end of our West Greece trilogy.
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