• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Giona
  • Northern Fokida, Sterea Hellas
  • Pyramida 2,510m. @ N38.64826 E22.25225
  • Panourgias, Kaloskopi, Stromi, Sikia, Lefkaditi

Hard Rock at Mount Giona

Drive your bike atop 2,000m; start with summit Vraila

Mountain followers have high in their list the tri-mountain group in Sterea Hellas.  It is the famous Giona, Iti and Vardousia cluster. Pira, Kaloskopi and Panourgias are the three villages which -more or less- lie in the middle area in-between the three mountains.  The view to the slopes is magnificent, being in any of them.

In our case, we selected Panourgias village as our base for Giona enduro days.  An old school, which has been converted into a hostel, is overlooking the highest summits of Western Giona.  That’s why adopted the name “To Balkoni tis Gionas”. (see our photos in the “Web Gallery” –  there are more than 100).

Giona north side, below 1,500m altitude is covered by forests, while any other part of the mountain is hard rock and scattered stones.  With the proposed GPS-recorded tracks, attached here-in, you will have the opportunity to discover both worlds.

Giona’s summits are:

  • Pyramida 2,507malt.
  • Tragonoros 2,456m
  • Platyvouna 2,316m
  • Profitis Elias 2,298m
  • Paliovouni 2,122m
  • Pirgos 2,066m
  • Vraila 2,177m
  • Liritsa 2,007m
  • Botsikas 1,945m

Mount  Giona, compared with Vardousia, could be described as a waterless mountain. It has no rivers, the water springs are relatively few and most of these dry up in summer, especially in east and south. At the highest areas of the mountain there no water sources, because the underground water streams come on the surface where the porous limestone meets with a layer of impermeable flysch.

Your enduro ride…

Your ascent and entry to mount Giona is actually commencing once you reach the milestone point, called “Mnimata”.  Four roads are meeting there, forming an “X”, leading you to all directions around Giona.

Our proposed tracks, are:

  • TRACK01, covering the Northwestern Giona, around summits Arvanitorachi and Botsikas, while in proximity you will have a good view of Pyramida (the highest of all), Vraila and Platyvouna.
  • TRACK02, dealing with Southeastern Giona, making a complete 360° circle on mountain highlands.
  • TRACK03 is an absolutely unforgettable forest road, in dense flora, on the North side, leading to Kaloskopi village. From there a fast track (TRACK03B) brings you to the main asphalt road “Pavliani-Lidoriki”. At this point it is the (ex.) “Papamanolis” traditional tavern, where you can have a good lunch before getting back to your base.

Also there are a couple of alternative, optional, tracks:

  • TRACK01A is a really interesting track, in mountain core, linking TRACK01 and TRACK02.
  • TRACK01B is assisting your quick escape from mountain highlands (TRACK01), near Arvanitorachi, and get’s you down to Stromi village; from there a dirt road, aside a river, is leading to your base, at Panourgias village.

Beware of the weather

Try to avoid heavy winter weather and hot summer.  In winter the weather is harsh and may change into heavy snow just as a matter of minutes.  Should this happen, then you will have no chance to make your way back; and this is serious.  On the other side, in hot summer days, the white stone on mountain top is making your enduro life really difficult; a few clicks more than “unpleasant”.

Spring and autumn are the recommended seasons to pack, get your enduro bike, load your GPS and go for it!