• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Peristeri, Lakmos
  • Trikala Prefecture, Thessaly, Greece
  • Tsoukarela 2,295m. @ N39.6839 E21.1228
  • Chaliki, Anthousa, Aspropotamos, Anilio, Metsovo

Reach 2,000m at Verliga "dragons" lake

Careful navigation atop Mount Peristeri with high respect to the unique nature

Here we have to propose a track which is traversing the north west part of the “Aspropotamos” region in Trikala prefecture.  This is a blessed place where Pindos sierra is extending its beauty south wise with Peristeri (a.k.a. Lakmos) mountain, and Acheloos river is formed by numerous smaller streams (Aspro, Valia Saka, Kopraou, etc.) joining their waters.

We may choose our base to be Anilio village, next to Metsovo.  Alternatively we may stay right in the core of our proposed region, in village Chaliki, located in the east slopes of Peristeri.

In any case, our ultimate destination is the lake Verliga, on the plateau of Mount Peristeri at 2,000m, almost 1km south of Tsoukarela summit of Peristeri.

  • Departing from Anilio, we follow TRACK01, which will introduce us to the beauty of a unique area of “Rona”.  This is the Rona forest and the Rona River.  A beautiful experience through the green forest.  Then, through Anthousa village, we turn north and arrive in Chaliki.
  • TRACK02 will show us the way to reach the Peristeri plateau and the Verliga Lk.  This is one of the few lakes formed during the winter in mountain tops in Greece, so-called “Drakolimnes” (Dragon lakes).
  • TRACK03 is an alternative path to return back to our base in Anilio.

Should you decide to go for it, consider extending your visit to the rest of Aspropotamos region and its villages.  It will worth every bit of your time!