• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Mavrovouni
  • Northeast Attica, Greece
  • Mavrovouni, 648m alt. at N38.241 E23.9422
  • Varnavas, Limnionas, Ag.Apostoli

Enduring from Marathon lake to Ag.Apostoli

Get your GPS tuned in a challenging enduro track

This is another enduro track of a series focused around Athens city. How could you resist the temptation, getting your bike and spending one morning only, by enjoying a wonderful enduro ride next to Marathon lake, through Varnava village and then (here is the most interesting part) ascending and descending Mavrovouni. Your final destination is not too far, not too bad; it’s a nice coffee shop overlooking Evoikos gulf in Ag.Apostoli village.

The proposed track is available here for you, to load on your GPS device, mount it on your bike, and go. By the way, should you don’t have a GPS and bike mount pair, then it is strongly recommended to get one. It will vastly expand your horizons, and help you to convey your best experiences to others. If you do have already one, then think about a small photo camera, equipped with a GPS, geotagging your photos.

Track description

Your journey is starting by entering to the fields surrounding Marathon Lake. You will love the part between waypoints AA02 and AA06.

That was only to jump start your appetite. Then you drive to Varnava village, and from AA09 to AA10 is your introductory track to Mavrovouni.

From AA10 to AA14 is a nice mountain dirt track on Mavrovouni side, going east towards Evoikos gulf.

The AA14 to AA14B is the best part of the day. Within 1.6km of steep ascend you go up 250m in altitude. On AA14B you are on one of Mavrovouni peaks, overlooking Evia and all around 360 degrees.

From AA14 you start your descend to tthe sea. Within the next 10km you reach the Limniona bay; in warm seasons you may find a canteen with refreshments.

Then you resume your route to Ag.Apostoli for the next 4km, where you will get gasoline refill and a rest on a coffee shop next to the sea shore.

Try this track on your next free weekend!