• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Kravara and Oxya Mountains
  • Aitoloakarnania Prefecture, Sterea Hellas, Greece
  • Oxya: Sarantena 1,923m., Kravara: Tsekoura 1,733m.
  • Grammeni Oxya, Artotina, Elatou, A.Chora, Klepa, Ampliani

Discover Orini Nafpaktia and Evinos River

More than six hours of Enduro, deep into Nafpaktia's forests

Orini Nafpaktia; how many times have you heard people telling stories about their outdoors experience in Orini Nafpaktia. It is an area with rather difficult access and that’s why it’s mostly undiscovered by a lot of people. Here we have a "discovery proposal" for you. We are going to experience a 150km round across the territory, spending most of the daylight time in an average day of the year.

Our proposal is to set our base in Ano Chora, and specifically at Crystal Hotel. There is also a nice lodging alternative in Kato Chora, the Xenios Hotel (small wooden houses).

The track is 360-degree counterclockwise round starting from our base location, and passing through:

  • Elatou
  • 2km NW of Pentagii
  • Artotina
  • Grammeni Oxya
  • Ampliani
  • 2km East of Klepa
  • Abelakiotissa and from there,
  • back to our base

During our Enduro day we will cross twice the Evinos River. Once between Artotina and Grammeni Oxya, and another one at Perdikovrisi location. Also, we will certainly meet a number of smaller rivers and streams along our way (ref. attached Google Earth track).

Although almost the whole track will be around Orini Nafpaktia forests, however be prepared to experience a unique temperate deciduous forest north of Grammeni Oxya, approaching 4km south west of Platanos village (wpt. DDASOS). What you will see is beyond any attempt to be described here.

Last but not least, a word of warning. It is likely that a normal Enduro motorbike will need refueling along the way. Therefore it is recommended to check proactively with villages Ampliani or Artotina, whether they will have available 12 lt. of gasoline (per motorbike). Normally the village grocery shops carry gasoline to facilitate travelers.

Now you have all you need to…