• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Kaliakouda mt.
  • Evritania prefecture, Sterea Hellas, Greece
  • Kaliakouda 2,098m alt. at N38.7961 E21.7596
  • Krikelo, Domnista, Kastanoula, Roska

Dancing in the rain

Panta Vrechi at Krikelopotamos river in Evritania

"Panta Vrechi" is located on Krikellopotamos river on the south bounds of Kaliakouda mountain in Evritania prefecture. You may reach it from Karpenisi, via Megalo Chorio, going up to the very highs of Kaliakouda (near EOS mountain retreat) and then descending to Doliana village, ending in Krikelopotamos right on the bridge to Roska village, near the "Panta Vrechi" site. Another alternative route is from south, coming from Orini Nafpaktia, and another one is from Domnista village. This last one provides you with an opportunity to follow Krikelopotamos flow passing through beautiful forestry roads and small villages like Kastanoula and Roska.

This is last alternative is what we chose, having as basis the wonderful wooden hostel Iliessa in Domnista. The day was rainy, fully justifying the name of "Panta Vrechi". Nevertheless the Enduro experience was unique. The track from "Panta Vrechi" to Domnista passes through successive mountains and valleys, crossing once more the Krikelopotamos river, near the village of Agios Charalambos.

"Panta Vrechi" is a location on Krikelopotamos narrowest point, where the river is flowing between the mountains of Kaliakouda and Platanaki Kaliakouda. The spectacle is really impressive and almost unique. In this position, the river is forming a very narrow gorge about 100m wide, with a landscape of rare beauty. The water is sourced from the southern side of the mountain, and then finds its way falling from high altitude down to Krikellopotamos. This point was named "Panta Vrechi" because it always runs water from above, resembling rain ("Always Raining" in Greek). The water flowing in a negative slope and thus converted to water curtains; while the soil has been eroded, it is covered with long moss. The water forms a number of small pools, where you must be prepared to get wet up to your waist, once you have decided to go through. The nature at this point is wild and clean; actually one of the few cleanest locations all over Europe.

Nearby, south, is the Roskas village. Once was a large village with hundreds of large families. The village today is a small, however still in a fantastic location at an altitude of 1000m, on terraces of Mount Platanaki.