• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Arachnaio
  • Argolis, Peloponnese, Greece
  • Arachnaio 1,197m. @ N 37.641 E22.9694
  • Sophiko, Klenia, Limnes, Arachnaio, Ligourio

Your opportunity to discover Northern Argolis and Western Korinthia

The less promoted part of Argolis and Korinthia is awaiting recognition deserved

This is a quite long track which will keep you busy the largest part of the (daylight) day. It is by design spanning over two prefectures, i.e. Argolis and Korinthia. The track starts and ends in the east side of them on Saronikos gulf, running counterclockwise from southeast (16:00) to north east (13:00). Along the way it is ascending and descending Arachnaio and Trapezona mountains.

Check the track as shown in this page by clicking the ‘map’ button, load it in your GPS, mount it on your bike, and …go!

Drive to Epidavros, and from there to Koliaki township, which is very close. Ensure your bike is full of gasoline, and then seek the entry point to the track (TRACK01), starting your ascent.

  • Already from the first 10km you climb the first hill (540m alt) and you find yourself in a main (asphalt) road 1km away from Dimosia village. Then after a few km you reach waypoint KR224 where you start your ascend for 660m, reaching 850m alt at KR309. Your odometer shows 40km, which marks the end of TRACK01.
  • Entering TRACK02 you will climb up and get down repeatedly for no less than four times. This will be your confrontation with Arachnaio and Trapezona. Your highest altitude will be around 930m. The most interesting part will be you steep downhill to Klenia village, following immediately another uphill path, which will lead you to the end of this second track of 45km, arriving to Agios Ioannis village.
  • In this last track TRACK03 you start your descent from an altitude of 650m, going down to 150m within the first 10km, entering village Ryto. Then in the next 14km you proceed to the end your itinerary while you experience another uphill track, back to 600m alt. Reaching the main road, Korinthos-Epidavros, you mark the end of your ride. Should you are using a trailer for your bike, then you have to pay the cost, driving back to your starting location in Koliaki; choosing the main asphalt road this won’t take long.

Should you choose to go for this ride, once you are there, in a steep downhill track, remember us, singing "…wish you were here"
…So, so you think you can tell, Heaven from Hell, Blue skies from pain. Can you tell a green field, from a cold steel rail? …a smile from a veil? …do you think you can tell?