• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • South Pindos
  • Thessaly, Greece
  • Dokimi, 1,974m alt. at N 39.7083 E 21.2544
  • Kastania, Amarantos, Stefani, Ampelochori

Pindos will always be an unforgettable experience

Enduro combined with dense forest and rich water streams

As "Southern Pindos" is identified the mountain sierra within the prefecture of Trikala and part of the prefecture of Ioannina. Extends from west, south of the neck Katara, to east reaching the plain of Thessaly, while south meets Agrafa. The highest peaks of the Southern Pindos are Triggia (2,204m) and the Avgo (2,146m). Rivers Acheloos and Penaeus stem from Southern Pindos.

In this page is presented a collection of enduro biking tracks, focused in the two wildelife refuges north and south of village Kastania. Overall is a magnificent forest, full of dense trees and plenty of water streams flowing all around. Best season to visit is definitely the autumn.

There are a number of tracks proposed:

  • Your introductory track is TRACK01, which although is short, it will provide you with a very representative sample of what will follow in all other tracks. You will have the opportunity to meet a nice small waterfall, and drive deeper and deeper into the dense forest.
  • The second track (TRACK02) will get you in the north side, where you will see Ag.Paraskevi church, reminder of the old Goudovasda village (now relocated in the new Kalomoira village, northeast), and then have a clockwise round track in a wide area full of rich water streams. Should you like it, then proceed with the optional track (TRACK02A) which will lead you to Ampelochori village, and from there back to your base.
  • The third track (TRACK03) is working counterclockwise around a mountain which has been announced as a permanent (all year round) wildlife refuge. On the south side (18:00) is the entry point of another short wonderful track (TRACK03B), leading you into the deep forest, aside a water stream, in a narrow dirt road full of plane trees. Once you experience it, you will never forget it!

We strongly recommend getting these tracks on the top of your list!