• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Velouchi Mt., also known as Tymfristos
  • Evritania prefecture, Sterea Hellas, Greece
  • Seintani, 2,312m alt. @ N38.945091° E21.823615°
  • Karpenisi and Fourna

The 3rd highest mountain in Central Greece

Velouchi is the most expressive mountain in the so-called Rumeli region. It is linked to the tradition, the legends and the history of Greece. Feel how it looks like to stand up here, in this wonderful terrace of Rumeli, enjoy the beautiful landscapes which surround the mountain, and capture your heart and all your senses.

This place has its own unique history. It is the third highest mountain in Central Greece, known as Tymfristos and has several major water sources (headwaters). During the periods of Ottoman and German occupation, became a refuge and a base camp against the invaders.

Today is an important tourist resort with one of the best ski resorts in the country. The simple mountain terrain expands from the mountain backend up to the banks of Tavropos river. Although its one side is dry, the other side is quite attractive with large forests, which show an early alpine zone above the 1,700m alt. The terrain is quite strange, with smooth peaks, and several water streams, flowing here and there, mainly north and west.