• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Dhirfis Mt.
  • Evia, Greece
  • Dhelfi, 1,743m alt at 38.6269, 23.8413
  • Stropones, Koutourla, Lamari, Metochi

Overlooking the Aegean Sea

A quick and short evening enduro near Athens

It was December 13th in year 2000. It was a rather mild weather, in spite of approaching Christmas.

Together with my friend and colleague at work, Jim, decided to leave 16:00 from the office, load the trailer with the KTM bikes and go for an evening enduro ride somewhere in proximity to Athens. The one bike was a motocrosser 540SXC and the other an enduro 520EXC.

A tempting idea to take advantage of the nice weather was to go somewhere in Evia east side, and enjoy the Aagean sea view. Quickly we agreed on the obvious choice; i.e. head for Steni, Evia, ascend to Stropones village, leave the car and the trailer there, and start a short 30km ride to the Aegean seashore (incl. the way back).

We had a wonderful time in the Dirfys mountain, making in our way from Stropones to Koutourla, and from there to the south side of the Chiliadou beach (see attached track map).

The sunset was starting when we decided to leave the nice beach at Chiliadou, and commence our way back to the trailer at Stropones.

After changing the enduro boots and pants, and strapping the bikes on the trailer we drove back to Athens, with a short stopover for a reviving dinner at one of the famous Steni taverns.

Simple, short enduro ride which by now remains as one of those memories of the past.
At the time of writing this note, Jim has been relocated 15,000km away from Athens, Greece.