• Mountain
  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Verno mt.
  • Florina prefecture, West Macedonia, Greece
  • Vitsi 2,128m at N40.649 E21.385
  • Pisoderi, Nymfaio, Perikopi

Verno: A really dense forest

Discover Verno crossing from Nymfaio to Pisoderi

Verno is a mountain range covering the northeastern Kastoria and southwestern Florina prefectures in Greece. Its peak Vitsi stand over 2,128m at N40.649 E21.385, overlooking Kastoria lake. It is just below the Varnountas mountain and natural boundary of the prefectures of Florina and Kastoria. The name Vitsi often referred not only to the peak, but for the whole mountain as well. Vernon is wooded with dense beech forests in the northern slopes of Polypotamos in Drosopigi, Ydroysa and Flambouro, where one meets the water sources of Erigona river. The southern Verno feeds the Amyntaio lake, while the western slopes belong to the basin of Lake Kastoria. From the foot of the mountain up to 1000 meters tree formations are dominated by oak. Then going higher until the upper forest edge, with its alpine meadows, it is dominated by beech with very dense and impenetrable forests. At higher altitudes appear more than 40 major plant families and rich wildlife.

The track story of a wonderful ride

Departing from Nymfaio, within the first 1km we enter a unique forest, heading for Perikopi. Its really one of the best tracks you will experience in terms of forest beauty. Dense trees are shading away the sun from the dirt road, which always remains wet. Small water streams flow on both sides of the road. Strong smell of wet leaves is all around.

Appox. 1km before Perikopi, at wpt VP27 we turn north towards Vitsi summit. We pass east of Vitsi (re: wpts VP22 to VP21), and then cross all the Verno mountain heights till VP15 and VP14A.

From this point is commencing the downhill section leading to Trivouno ­ Ano Melas valley. Reaching a junction just 2km before Ano Melas, we start again our accent to Verno, heading to the mountain top (re: VP11 to VP03A).

Here (VP03A), we have a clear view north to Varnounta Mt. which is the natural border of Greece to FYROM. We have to drive downhill for a while and then uphill to another saddle point (VP02). At this location looking down in north direction, the Pisoderi Ski Center is unveiled in front of us.