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  • Location
  • Peak
  • Township
  • Menalo
  • Menalo, Arcadia, Peloponnese, Greece
  • Ostarkina 1,980m. @ N 37.6437 E 22.28
  • Vytina, Dimitsana, Stemnitsa, Zigovisti, Chrisovitsi

Your best enduro weekend, here in Menalo

Everything you were always seeking in an enduro playground

Menalo is located in the center of Peloponnese peninsula, covering almost all northern territory of Arcadia prefecture. It is surrounded, east from mounts Oligirtos, Trachi, Lirkio and Artemisio north from Aroania and Erimanthos, west from Minthi and Likaeo, and south from Taygetos and Parnonas.

The highest summits of Menalo are:

  • Ostrakina at 1,980m.
  • Tzelati 1,867m.
  • Aintinis 1,849m.
  • Mavri Korifi 1,818m.
  • Mourtzia 1,761m.

From Menalo stem two tributaries of Alpheus. One is Lucius, who comes from the northwest of the mountain near the village Karkalou and creates a famous gorge. The other is Elissonas who comes from the central part of the mountain between the villages of Piana and Alonistena, joining Alfios near Megalopolis.

The mountainous villages of Menalo are Magouliana (1.270m) and Alonistena (1.220m). Also there are some of the historic villages of Greece, after the villages of Menalo pioneered the revolution of 1821. Among them are Dimitsana, Stemnitsa, Lagadia the Libovisi (Kolokotronis origin) and Piana.

Menalo firry is mainly in the northwest side, around the villages Vitina, Alonistena and Chrysovitsi. On the east side the vegetation is poorer and the south side is dominated by pine and cypress.

Enduro tracks to experience

A weekend in Menalo is more than enough to experience the proposed tracks. The one on the east side, the high mountain with the Ski Center and the refuges on the top. The other on the west side, a quite expanded territory, up to Dimitsana and Lousios river.

  • The first track (TRACK01) is 85km long, starting from Vytina, covering the west part of Menalo in a clockwise manner, through Stemnitsa, Dimitsana, Zigovisti and then back. The highest altitude to reach, at the very center the west Menalo terriory, is 1,460m.
  • The second track (TRACK02) 53km long, is covering the east Menalo. Will drive you to the top of the mountain towards the Ski Center, reaching 1,690m altitude. Definitely you have to experience the plateau at ML02, and go through the dense forest pathways (ML02 to ML06). Then you proceed to the Ski Center and the refuge. Another very interesting track leg is proposed on the west side of the sierra, starting at 1,690m altitude, going downhill to 880m. The route is though a rich forest with active timber harvesting, and plenty of water streams.
  • Last but not least, should you have time left, it is proposed a short track on the north (TRACK03). It is a complete round ring, of only 12km length. It’s quick and easy, offering an entry into the track, right on the main road of Vytina-Dimitsana (MT01).

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