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Real Enduro experiences...

Experience is a unique source of incremental knowledge

This is why we have recorded every single detail of several Enduro tracks we’ve experienced the last few years across the Greek territory. All this recording realized with the invaluable support of the GPS technology, with some ingredients of computer data processing, necessary for data cleansing and structured archiving.

Every track profile is a collection of information elements that piece by piece draw the full picture for you, assisting decisively your proactive planning, before hitting the road.

Here is the complete list of the information elements available for each named track:

  • Track-id (mountain, location, peak, summit, proximity township)
  • Short "guide through" narrative
  • Photos
  • "How to reach" map by Google maps™
  • Track and waypoints digital data (gpx universal format)
  • GoogleEarth™ geo data ("kml" format)